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Men In Black II - Neuralyzer Limited Edition Prop Replica

Men In Black II - Neuralyzer Limited Edition Prop Replica

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"Just a little flash and everything goes back to the way it was.." Agent J.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts by agents of a shadowy and semi-menacing government organization, people witness things they shouldn’t. Inter-dimensional rifts in space/time, tentacled hellbeasts from Ventrusian Nine and more! In those moments, it's always a good idea to have a Neuralyzer on hand to wipe away those pesky memories!

This highly detailed 1:1 scale prop replica precisely replicates the Neuralyzer prop as seen in 2002’s hit film, Men In Black II.

This stunning prop replica features a durable metal body and has the following functional features:

• Spring-loaded pop-up action.
• Blue standby light.
• Ultra-bright LED flash.
• Movie accurate sound effects.
• Screen accurate time setting dials.

Each museum quality replica includes a numbered plaque, prop story booklet, and wood display case that allows you to position the replica in either the closed or open position.

Limited To 2,002 Pieces


This is a collectible, intended only for adults aged 18 years and older.

It is intended for display only and should be treated with respect.

All photos are prototype images.
Final product and packaging may vary.
Much as we wish it did, our Neuralyzer replica does not actually make you forget.

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