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Wonder Woman - Sword Of Athena Limited Prop Replica

Wonder Woman - Sword Of Athena Limited Prop Replica

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"Life is killing life all the time and so the goddess kills herself in sacrifice of her own animal." - Blade Inscription

During a battle with Ares, Wonder Woman's legendary God Killer sword was destroyed, leaving her to seek a suitable magically-empowered replacement weapon, which she found in The Sword Of Athena. It is presumed that this sword was created and wielded by the Olympian Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts and Strategy (Athena), which is why it was especially worthy of being Princess Diana's weapon of choice when squaring off against formidable foes like Doomsday and Steppenwolf.

Factory Entertainment's Sword Of Athena Limited Edition Prop Replica recreates the sword as seen on screen in Batman V Superman and Zack Snyder's Justice League, and is crafted using premium materials. The stainless steel blade features all of the fine Amazonian script and symbolic details and, below that, the brass guard, handle and pommel are finished in a gold and blue color, bringing this fantasy sword to life.

Each Sword Of Athena replica comes with a wall hanging display plaque, featuring artwork as seen on the blade, and a certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 500 pieces.

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